Aerial platform

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Services of truck-mounted aerial platforms in Kyiv

The aerial platform is a kind of special equipment with a cradle (platform) for lifting people and / or cargo upwards. There are several types of aerial platforms with various properties, different parameters of the cradle lifting height, the chassis size, the reach of the boom and the carrying capacity. Depending on the sphere of application, there are several types of platforms: emergency, construction and installation, airfield, fire and forestry. Frequently, the work of a truck-mounted aerial platform is one-off, so renting is the best option for a customer. The truck-mounted aerial platform is usually run by an experienced driver, who knows all the details of this machinery application. The “Express-T” company offers 24/7 services of aerial platforms in Kyiv and throughout Ukraine. Choose an aerial platform based on the type of work carried out. In this case, it is necessary to take into account the height at which the work will be carried out, the weight, and the access obstacles (wires, trees, parking lot).

The aerial platform may be needed in the following cases:

  • installation and dismantling of various structures (including advertising), overlapping;
  • felling of trees and deadwood;
  • installation and maintenance of air conditioners;
  • cleaning of facades and windows;
  • repair of lighting devices, loading of length gauges;
  • welding and similar work;
  • video and photography;
  • laying of power lines;
  • installation or removal and decoration of New Year trees;
  • removal of roof icicles and snow.

Rent of truck-mounted aerial platforms

Telescopic aerial platforms are ordered more often in Kyiv. They operate in different conditions, have a large boom extension and the ability to make almost a full turn around the platform parking place. The working cradle accommodates 2 people and a few tools, weighing up to 250 kg. There are platforms from 17 to 22m high in our fleet. Our cars are always ready to leave for a call, allowing you to order the service at any time and get the car very soon. Models differ in maneuverability, size and mobility. The price of the aerial platform services is affordable for everyone: we do not drive up the prices and do not use any services of intermediaries.Thanks to more than 10 years of experience and the expert team, we are used to performing the work qualitatively and promptly. Order a platform from us and see for yourself!