Special machinery rent in Kyiv

Special equipment rent in Kyiv

Rent of special equipment in Kyiv is a common practice. The city is constantly changing, expanding, separate parts undergo a complete reconstruction, the scale of road works is huge. Contractors do not possess all the equipment necessary for the job: every object implies new tasks and requires particular types of special equipment. Provided dismantling is necessary before repair, it will be necessary to obtain a hydraulic breaker and a loader. Construction of different buildings involves cranes with various technical characteristics. An order for a skyscraper construction requires a deep basis. In the example given, to build a foundation pit you need to use powerful excavators and cargo transport for land removal. All the work can be conducted by the same company, but the acquisition of a full range of special equipment is usually an unjustifiable luxury. The heavy load on their own cars leads to breakdowns, so to avoid downtime they are forced to look for where special equipment is rented out in Kyiv.

When choosing machinery, such important features play a crucial role:

  • Functionality of mechanisms (earth-movers, loaders, excavators, cranes, trucks, aggregates with attachments);
  • Power;
  • Drive gear;

Tariffs and terms of cooperation. Rent of construction equipment in Kyiv may involve repair of a failed machine at the expense of its owner or customer, an obligation to provide alternative mechanisms in case of a breakage and other conditions. Used in construction special equipment may include wheeled and caterpillar machinery. The most powerful aggregates are usually caterpillar powered, but the use of such machines is limited in the city, as they damage the asphalt. If such equipment is necessary to dig a pit, where an excavator moves along a specific pavement, the vehicle is delivered to the place of work on the platform. Another option of caterpillar technology application in the city is the rent of construction equipment with protective rubber coating in Kyiv. As a rule, these machines are small.

Wheeled heavy hauler vehicles also make a negative impact on the road surface, so their use must be agreed with the regulatory bodies. Once you get a special permit it solves the problem. If you are interested in construction equipment rent in Kyiv, you should focus on large companies, providing any kind of special equipment and the best cooperation terms.