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Refrigerator rent in Kyiv

The lifetime of many food products, pharmaceuticals and other medicines is limited. At the same time, their storage is allowed at a certain temperature. Transportation of such products is usually carried out with a refrigerator. For this purpose the “Express-T” company offers special equipment for temporary use, cooperating actively with both individuals and corporate clients. There are two main types of box carriers: equipped with a framework and frameless. The framework structures are covered with foam plastic and other thermal insulation materials. The frameless ones are made of technological multilayer structures – sandwich panels.

Refrigerator services

Refrigerator services are in high demand in throughout the economy sectors. Isothermal box carriers are suitable for the movement of perishable goods both around a settlement and intercity. They can be used for the transportation of meat, meat semi-products and by-products, sausages, cheeses, dairy products. Special transport is involved when it is necessary to deliver fruits, vegetables and greens to the final destination. Numerous pharmaceutical enterprises address our company with a request of medical products transportation. We are ready to provide quality services to all customer categories, representing not only large and medium-sized, but also small businesses.

It is not reasonable and irrational for small companies to acquire expensive equipment. That is why for them the rent of a refrigerator becomes an ideal option. Moreover, some of our contractor companies may not have their own drivers. In such case we provide an opportunity of taking a car with our qualified driver for temporary use.