Tow truck in Kyiv and Kyiv region

Tow truck services

Tow truck Kyiv is a vehicle with a range of application, but its strengths are still underestimated. The police and municipal authorities involve such machinery to move cars to a police compound, that is why in Kyiv a tow truck causes anxiousness. But the transportation to a compound is not the only way of tow truck usage.

The days, when a driver was spending hours around a car, trying to fix a broken part himself, have been replaced by the towing era. The more imported cars there are on the roads, the less confident about mending cars themselves drivers become. Insurance companies refund costs considerably easily, if an official expert proof is provided. Aftersales service of cars is possible only at service stations, which are authorized by car manufacturers. As a result Tow truck Kyiv becomes a necessary machinery to get broken or crashed cars to service stations. The towing is possible for vehicles in any condition – some cars are moved with a tow bar, immotile cars are loaded on a tow platform by a crane.

Cheap towing service

Towing in Kyiv is inexpensive, as the expense is warrantable. Every driver should have a towing service business card in his pocket. The price of towing in Kyiv is so affordable that tow trucks are used in heavy special machines transportation. Crawler-type and earth-mover machinery is not allowed to move to a work site on their own, as they damage asphalt road pavement. Consequently, special heavy-lift vehicles are involved to move these machines swiftly. Is helps to transport mechanisms which weigh up to 20 tons.

If you want to get cheap towing in Kyiv you should remember, that the most affordable services are provided by big companies. They have a number of tow trucks and offices, allowing fast and convenient service throughout Kyiv. In some cases companies’ experts, arriving with tow trucks, might provide some technical assistance (e.g. help to start a vehicle, charge an accumulator unit etc.). Look through the prices when choosing a towing service in Kyiv, but don’t forget about company’s business hours. It is important to build collaboration with a 24/7 towing enterprise.